Understanding User Inputs in the C Programming Language

User Inputs in the C

Understanding User Inputs in the C Programming Language, User input is one of the main functions of interactive applications. These user input functions allow users to communicate with computer programs, providing valuable data and enabling dynamic interactions. When we talk about the GNU C programming language, understanding how to handle user inputs is a basic … Read more

Easy Spanish Numbers to Count: A Beginner’s Guide

Easy Spanish Numbers, Free Spanish Language Course

Easy Spanish Numbers, So, you’re embarking on the journey of learning Spanish? How exciting! One of the first steps in this Spanish learning adventure is becoming comfortable with counting in Spanish. No worries, Today we’re here to assist you. With this article, we’ll take you step by step through the process of mastering Spanish numbers … Read more

Spanish Letters and Basics – Your Gateway to Mastering the Language

Spanish Letters and Basics

Spanish letters and Basics, Here this is the second part of this series. In the first part of our Lesson series about “Learning Spanish Language”, we covered the fundamental steps to kickstart your Spanish language-learning journey. In This Second article, we delve deeper into the Spanish alphabet, an Introduction about grammar part in, pronunciation, and … Read more

Learn Spanish: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish, ¡Hola! Welcome to the exciting world of learning Spanish. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the rich culture of Spain, travel through Latin America, or simply expand your linguistic skills, embarking on a journey to learn Spanish is a fantastic decision. Why Learn Spanish? It is the second most spoken language in … Read more

Top 5 Linux Distros in 2023 – Let’s Learn about Linux

Top 5 Linux distros in 2023

What is the best Linux Distro in 2023? What is Linux & what was that?, Welcome to Think & Free, So Let’s see What are the Top 5 of Linux Distros (Distributions) in 2023. About Linux Linux is an Open Source, Unix-like, absolutely free operating system. The Linux Operating system is based on the Linux … Read more

Express Learning Programming – Constants in C

Constants in C

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Think & Free. This is Another episode of Our Express Learning Programming series with GNU C Programming language. Today I’m going to talk about another basic programming concept we must know. It is about Constants in C language & what are they?, why we need them and also how … Read more

Escape Sequences in C

Escape Sequences in C

Hello everyone, Welcome back to Think & Free. This is the fifth episode of our Express Learning Programming lesson series and today I’m going to talk about How to Use Escape sequences in C. In this series, I will show you how to start programming, step-by-step with the GNU C Programming language. Here are our … Read more

Top 5 Useful Extensions for VS Code Editor

Top 5 Useful Extensions for VS Code Editor

Hey Everyone, Welcome to Think & Free. Today we are going to take a look at of some the coolest and productive Microsoft Visual Studio Code Editor Extensions. What are the Extensions? They will improve additional features & usability in Visual Studio Code Editor. Let’s look at the Top 5 of VS Code Productive extensions … Read more