How to do Keyword Research for a blog?

How to do Keyword Research for a blog?

How to do keyword research for a blog? Keyword researching is one of the primary parts of the SEO process (Search Engine Optimization), which is used by SEO professionals to identify search terms. These search terms will help writers to reach the audience easily with relevant content. I think now you know why It is a vast topic with blogging. So Why do blogs need keyword research? How did we do keyword research for our own Website or blog? Let’s get started with everything you should know about Keyword research and how to do it as a beginner to blogging.

Why do blogs need Keyword Research?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article It’s one of the primary things we should implement with our blog if we need to get success. So Let’s see briefly “Why is keyword research so important for blogging”. In the basic idea of that, It helps you to know which keywords are on the top of the search queries and some insights about targeted keywords and related search patterns. Are you struggling with web traffic? keyword research is one of the ways you can improve your web traffic and engage with more visitors to your blog.

What three elements should we keep an eye on with keyword research?

  1. Relevance – Your web should contain exact relevant content for the search queries, If it has relevant content it will appear with the search results.
  2. Authority – Google will consider and provide more weight to links with authoritative resources. If your site has low-profile authority keywords your site will not be able to compete with heavy sites. It will affect your site in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).
  3. Volume – Volume means the search volume of a specific keyword or search term. Search volume helps bloggers get their website’s first page on Google search results.

How to Research Keywords for your blog?

Now you know the basic idea about Keyword Research and why it’s needed, here we are going to take a quick look at What are the basic steps of Keyword researching

  1. First, you must think about and gather some topics you want to rank. In my opinion, Keep your topics between 5 – 15.
  2. Now it’s time to do research with the Google search engine for each topic and gather some related keywords and search patterns.
  3. Here is the Third Step. In this step, It’s better to use some free keyword research tools like ChatGPT, ubersuggest, or Ahref Free keyword generator to gather more information and web insights like the volume of the keyword, targetted country, etc.
  4. Now It’s time to choose the right keywords. and start writing your article with the full-filled content with targeted keywords and related keyphrases. But make sure not to use your target keyword every time and use your keywords randomly and efficiently with the full of your content.
  5. These are Some SEO rules that you followed with your content. First, keyphrases should be introduced in the first sentence. Manage keyword density, use your keyword on subheadings, and use some inbound and outbound links to link your article.

Basic writing rules to improve your content

There are some writing rules that you should follow before writing an article. These rules help bloggers to get more web hits for their articles.

  • First, you need to limit your word count between 100-150 per paragraph.
  • Sentence length should limit to 15-20 words.
  • A considerable amount of Subhedings and their distribution.
  • The word count of your complete article is good enough with contains words of more than 500 but less than 2500.
  • Well-organized and creative content.
  • Include some related images, and videos.

These are some basic set of writing rules that helps you with writing. In the later article, we will talk deeply about these topics well.

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