Top 5 Linux Distros in 2023 – Let’s Learn about Linux

Top 5 Linux distros in 2023

What is the best Linux distro in 2023? What is Linux & what was that?, Welcome to Think & Free, So let’s see what the top 5 Linux distributions are. Here is the latest and updated overview of 5 of the most popular Linux distributions that are used all around the world.

If you are an old fan of the Think & Free community, I hope you already know what Linux is and the history of Linux. However, let’s first take a quick look at Linux history before diving into today’s article.

What is Linux, and why it’s used?

First of all, what is Linux? Linux is an open-source, Unix-like, absolutely free operating system. The Linux operating system is based on the Linux kernel. Finnish programming engineer Linus Torvalds is the founder of the Linux kernel. It was originally developed for personal computers. Today, the Linux operating system is available for cloud computers, embedded devices, mainframe computers, mobile devices, personal computers, servers, and supercomputers, and Linux is supported for all kinds of computer systems. It has a monolithic kernel, which means the entire operating system is working in kernel space. So that is the reason why Linux is so simple to understand. Currently, Linux has thousands of various versions, but from those, there are some distros that are getting popular. Here, we are ready to talk about those.

I hope this introduction is enough for you at this moment, So let’s dive into the topic and check out what the top most popular Linux distros are.

Let’s check out what the top 5 Linux distributions are today. But I couldn’t recommend these are the best Linux distros for everyone. Today, Linux has more flavors and editions, and anyone can change it on their own, as they like.

What are the Best Linux distros?

Here are the five distributions: I’ve been selected by using some forums and other’s reviews, and I think these are the top 5 and most popular Linux distributions today. What are they? Let’s look at them one by one.

Ubuntu Linux

The first one is Ubuntu Linux, which Canonical Ltd. develops. It’s based on the Debian Linux distribution. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution today. That’s why it is first on the list. Also, it’s my favorite Linux distribution as well.

What is the reason it gained more popularity among other Linux distributions? Here are some basic things that made Ubuntu the most popular Linux distro.

  • First of all, it has a wide range of community support. This is the main reason that I saw that it’s become more famous.
  • The second one is that it comes with a GNOME desktop environment, Eligent, and a simple desktop manager program.
  • Ubuntu improved for more simplicity.

These are some basic things that help to make Ubuntu more popular. and I think Ubuntu is a great entry point for beginners. If you have no prior knowledge regarding Linux, Ubuntu is a great option to easily understand all the basics of Linux. Are you wishing to

Ubuntu Linux System requirements

Ubuntu Linux Desktop version It requires a 2 GHz dual-core processor with 4 GB of RAM (system memory). It will require 25 GB of hard drive space. VGA was capable of 1024×768 screen resolution. Internet access is needed (optional). These are the minimum system requirements that need to be met to get started with Ubuntu Linux. Here is the latest version of Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. Download the link to Try Ubuntu Today.

Elementary OS

The second one is Elementary OS. The best lightweight Linux distribution for beginners. The Elementary OS is based on a Ubuntu LTS. It comes as a replacement for both the Mac and Windows operating systems.

Elementary Os calls itself. It is a fast, open-source, and privacy-respecting replacement Operating System for Windows and macOS. This Linux Distribution completely looks like macOS. I think they trying to develop the best alternative for macOS. If someone is familiar with macOS, or you’re a macOS user. The Elementary OS is the best Linux distribution for you.

Before starting with Elementary OS, Make sure if you had already these system requirements, On your current system. Recommended System requirements will be recommended by Elementary OS developers, to work with Elementary OS smoothly.

Elementary OS needs a dual-core 64-bit processor with 4 GB of system memory. It takes 15GB of Hard Drive Space. And optional needs a network connection for getting download system & security updates. Try yourself Elementary OS Today.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux is another great solution for beginners. It’s based on Arch Linux distribution. Manjaro is a lightweight, Speedy, simple, modern Linux distribution. I think here is the other best, Distribution is also a good alternative for beginners.

Manjaro comes with Xfce, KDE Plasma, and GNOME editions. If you want to customize your Manjaro OS as you like. Manjaro provides the CLI version for it, and that version is Manjaro Architect. It’s offered to do total customization on your Manjaro installation.

Manjaro only needs one gigahertz (GHz) processor and One gigabyte (GB) of memory. It needs Thirty gigabytes (GB) of hard disk space. These system requirements are for setting up the minimal build of Manjaro.

Other editions take different requirements of these minimum requirements. Try manjaro yourself today.

Linux Mint

In our list, I’m going talk about another cool, flexible Linux distribution. Linux Mint was that. Mint is based on Ubuntu Linux and Debian Linux distributions. The latest version of Mint is called Linux Mint Ulyana. It was the code name of the latest release of Linux Mint 20. Mint also comes with Xfce, Mate, and Cinnamon desktop environments.

Recommended Linux Mint System requirements are the same as other Linux distribution system requirements we talked about. Learn more things about Linux Mint and start working with Linux Mint by following this link.

Arch Linux

This Linux distribution looks different from others. It comes with only CLI (Command Line Interface). It was Arch Linux. Arch Linux, And it’s a lightweight, and flexible Linux distribution that comes with fully customizable. If you need to customize it?

You can do it yourself as you like. Arch will offer you a fully customizable Distro.

But The Arch Linux, I don’t recommend It for beginners. If you have some basic idea about Linux, then you can use the Arch Linux. Because of this distribution, everything works with CLI. It’s lightweight but It is an advanced Linux Distribution.

Arch Linux requires 530 MB of system memory and an x86_64 compatible machine. Basic installation requires 2GB of HDD space and the installation process requires an Internet connection, to get remotely packages from Arch repositories.

Please follow the official Arch Linux installation guide, It helps to step by step, How to install It.

What is the best Linux Distro?

However, I think you can desire, and also you can select what is the Best distribution for you. These are some most popular 5 Linux Distros around the world.

That is about What the Top 5 Linux Distros in 2023.

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