OpenAI Chat GPT Banned in Italy

OpenAI Chat GPT Banned in Italy

OpenAI Chat GPT Banned in Italy, One of the huge trending topics nowadays is OpenAI’s ChatGPT prompt. Italy became the first European country to ban OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The Italian data-protection authorities were told these bans because ChatGPT prompt might collect their users’ data. It’s illegal according to GDPR compliance.

Italy isn’t the first only country to ban ChatGPT, Russia, North Korea, and Iran already banned this chat prompt with their IP addresses.

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Chat GPT became famous with the AI trend after it launched in November 2022. After it was released millions of Chat prompts and chatbots became popular. Also, companies like Google started releasing their chat prompt apps to compete with OpenAI Chat GPT.

By the way, According to global news, the EU currently investigating Chat GPT. At this time Italy is the only country in the EU country that banned their IPs for accessing Chatgpt prompt.

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Source: Chat GPT blocked in italy, techcrunch

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