Brand new courses from Harvard

New courses from Harvard, on October 2, 2023, Harvard launched two CS50 courses. This is an overview about these new free cs50 courses. Let’s take a look at these two certificates and after this article you can get a better idea what exctly suits for you and what are the skills you can gain from these new cs50 courses.

New cs50 Harvard Courses

  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Introduction to SQL

These are the newly released courses. Let’s take a quick look at these courses one by one.

Introduction to Cyber Security

Introduction to Cyber Security, new cs50 course focused of getting a better understanding of the basics of cybersecurity. Either you’re already working in the cybersecurity field or not, this new course might be a better way to refresh your knowledge, and if you don’t have any technical knowledge related to cybersecurity or any other related field, of course this is a better course for you to get started with cyber security.

Course Content

  • Account security and data security: How to protect your data, devices, personal information, and online accounts from hackers
  • Treats: What are the most common treats today? How to prevent and protect yourself from digital threats
  • AI in cybersecurity: Understanding how AI can be used as a extra security protection layer and how to use AI securely
  • Threat assessment and risk assessment: Understand the basics of treat analysis and risk assessment and how it might help you.

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Introduction to SQL

Database management is a primary skill for IT professionals nowadays. It might be a great course for everyone, like I mentioned in the previous course “Introduction to Cyber Security course”, this one is also focused on both those who already have the knowledge and those who don’t.

Course Content

  • Database design and relationships: Database structure planning and development using datatypes and schemas, Understanding how to work with multiple tables and how to implement relationships between tables
  • SQLite & Basics: Creating a single table simple database design with SQLite databases, How to build queries
  • Query Optimization and Manipulation: What is Query Optimization and Manipulation? Functions of database management, How to make your queries and databases run faster with less memory usage
  • Other database systems: Discovering alternative solutions

How to earn Harvard CS50 Free Certificates

To prove your skills, certificates are an important thing. So, is there any certificate I can earn upon completion of these new CS50 courses? The answer is yes, absolutely. Like most of CS50 courses, these new courses also provide a valuable certificate after completion.

If you take this course using Harvard OCW, you can earn a certificate after completion completely freely; otherwise, if you are using the Edx platform or Harvard Extension School, they offer paid certificates and paid transcripts.

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